Oleoconil line


Oleoconil, the golden elixir is extracted from the arbequina olive, renown for its aromatic qualities. With its buttery flavour and light nutty overtones it is a perfect accompaniment to serve with tapas or for drizzling over toast and fresh tomato for the perfect Andalusian breakfast.

The olives are cultivated locally in a small grove situated on the El Palmar coast, between Vejer and Conil. In fact the scene sketched on the label of the bottle depicts the view from the olive grove.  The olive oil is extracted using traditional methods and each tree is carefully tended to and pruned by hand. The  olives are then pressed at a neighbouring farm.

Oleo  Conil  is a virgin extra olive oil of high calibre with a noteworthy pH value of 0,42.  Accredited by  CAAE ( the Offical Association of Organic Agriculture in Andalucia) which, in turn, is recognised by the European Union and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture.

The oil originates from a small local crop, its limited supply and high quality makes it extremely sought after. We are not aware of any other locally produced organic virgin olive oil.

You have struck gold!

We hope that you enjoy every moment of your treasure!

Here the organic olive oil extra virgin OLEO CONIL 500 ml.