olivar del carmen_yaentucasa_olive oil virgin extra_great taste_quality oil_hojiblanca

Olivar del Carmen Great Taste 2015. The world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards, Great Taste, gave a star to the olive oil virgin extra Olivar del Carmen (like last year). Congratulations to everybody at Olivar del Carmen!

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Brandy Caramel Interwine

Brandy Caramel awarded with Interwine Gold Medal 2015. Brandy Caramelo, the most innovative (and sweet) brandy of the last 20 years, awarded with the Gold Medal for Excellence by Interwine, the ”Chinese most Famous Wine Fair”.   Interwine is a

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Yaentucasa win the Excellence Certificate 2015

Ya en tu casa win the Excellence Certificate 2015. Thanks to you all! TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel web site has given to Ya en tu casa, Delicatessen Shop in the southest spanish “pueblo blanco”, with the Certificate of Excellence

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Victoria 2 Muscat Wine Nobel Dinner

  The Victoria No. 2 from Jorge Ordoñez sweet Muscat wine was chosen for the gala dinner of the Nobel   Prizes in Stockholm in the year 2012. The muscat wine Victoria No.2 from the winery Jorge Ordonez, was one

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Oleoconil, virgin olive oil extra virgin organic

  Oleoconil, the golden elixir is extracted from the arbequina olive, renown for its aromatic qualities. With its buttery flavour and light nutty overtones it is a perfect accompaniment to serve with tapas or for drizzling over toast and fresh

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Producing Strawberry gin by Puerto Indias

The famous Strawberry Gin Puerto Indias: an Interview with José Antonio Rodríguez, founder of Gin Premium Puerto de Indias. Where is born and how the idea came to create a strawberry gin? Premium Gin Puerto de Indias born in the town

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pasta salcicha y cebolla caramelizada con pasas_monumento_yaentucasa_caramelized onions_sausages_pasta

Yaentucasa caramelized onions with raisins is a very versatile product: perfect for meats, cheeses or for snacks. In this recipe I wanted to let them in their natural way, with its sweet side to balance the strong flavor of the

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Las Donas mermelade El Mundo, the second spanish newspaper, of the last 7th of Abril 2015: “Lad donas is owned by 3 andalusian women that make traditional and natural mermelade sell only in the best Delicatessen Shop in Spain.. ”

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benditaluz_Orange natural cosmetic

Starting from today on sale in Yaentucasa.com, first across the province of Cadiz and exclusively in Vejer de la Frontera, 3 brand new orange natural cosmetic products, unique for their main ingredient: orange. Ana Garcia, Benditaluz’ founder, explains that each

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Ya en tu casa interviewed by Spainbuddy

Ya en tu casa interviewed by Spainbuddy.com Spainbuddy.com, important tourism provider and travel information for Spain, as well as information for people already living in Spain, make us an interview for their on-line Magazine. Here the link: http://www.spainbuddy.com/expat-interview-diego-and-claudia/

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