The famous Strawberry Gin Puerto Indias: an Interview with José Antonio Rodríguez, founder of Gin Premium Puerto de Indias.

Where is born and how the idea came to create a strawberry gin?

Premium Gin Puerto de Indias born in the town of Carmona, Sevilla, coincidental. In principle, our purpose was to preserve strawberries alcohol packaged for later sale. However, due to a sudden change of temperature in the summer, strawberries were not kept compact. After analyzing the situation, we came exploiting the resulting alcohol distilling juniper. At that point was when we gin with an aromatic touch of strawberry.


Why is Puerto de Indias so special?

Because it is a product made by craftsmen 100 percent. It is a gin that comes from the oldest distillery in Andalusia, with a century and a half of history. What we wanted from the beginning, is to innovate within the tradition itself. Ie the product by distillation in copper stills with over 100 years of work in a slow process marked by fire caused by the olive wood is achieved. This reminds us of the techniques used in the past.

Furthermore, Premium Gin Puerto de Indias has a strong local character. Everything is made from Andalusian raw materials, such as strawberries in the province of Huelva, along with a wide variety of botanical collected from the Andalusian countryside. This is what gives this quality, color and taste so characteristic.


What has led to this boom in the business of “authentic strawberry gin”?

We have gone from being almost two workers (my brother and I) have more than 20 employees. Now, thanks to demand, we produce a figure close to 9,000 bottles a day, a situation that forces us to make two shifts and the factory is operating from five o’clock until eleven at night, approximately.

How Puerto de Indias is served?

As broadly with those who love Gin-Tonics, each consumer Premium Gin Puerto de Indias has their own preferences, being a product that lends itself to being combined with different options. Normally, the ‘recipe’ more bars and restaurants are still often with traditional snifter, lots of ice and accompanied by refreshments style to Sprite or 7up or any variety of Tonic, as most prefer sweet or bitter taste. Moreover, almost all generally agree add small pieces of strawberries, berries and raspberry, to enhance the fruity flavor hallmark.

From there, anyone can innovate and make your favorite with any of our varieties of gin, both dry as strawberry cocktail.

Why don’t you try it?

Strawberry Gin Puerto Indias

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