In the south of the south, in Vejer de la Frontera, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, we enjoy every day from our small and charming store. Since a year and a half we have been searching every corner of Andalucia for its best products and we have been working to make them known to the rest of the world, to disseminate the wealth of these authentic gastronomic jewels.

Here we increase each day the great family that we form in Ya en tu casa. Because when a client cross the threshold, becomes a friend. We share advices and confidences about our treasures. Secrets discovered thanks to our own experience and transmitted with the greatest affection.

Now we open a new window to the world. A website created with the same philosophy when we started our journey in the physical store a year ago. Giving prominence to the product, but transmitting sensations, impressions and advices.

Here you will see that in ‘Ya en tu casa’ each product is treated with true worship. Its presence in this careful selection of the best of the best is the result of an intense search for really special things. Result of hours of travel, of tastings, of advices from friends. Authentic discoveries for us. For this reason we savored every drop, each gram of everything that is treasured in our store. And we want to share this passion with all of you.


On 27 March 2014 Ya en tu casa celebrated its first anniversary. A year full of work and satisfaction, intense and very enjoyable. A year in which we met thousands of people from 74 different nationalities, from Gibraltar to New Caledonia.

We have shipped to the whole Europe, to America (Los Angeles) and Oceania (Sydney). In addition to holding several wonderful events such as three official tastings and a performance related to fashion. In addition, there were two awards that we won with pride and humility.

All these events have enriched us and have improved the way we work, we present our products, we interact with people.

They have also permitted to understand more deeply both suppliers and our customers, all friends who share our philosophy and feel part of Ya en tu casa. And each one of them leaves us a story, an anecdote, curiosities, experience or feelings that we want to share.

Sharing is the key word for the new Ya en tu casa website.

Many of our clients and friends have crossed the border of a simple purchase and we were moved to their own world, sharing emotions and experience. Thanks to the excuse of the kitchen they have enriched both our table and their one.

A wealth of feelings, smells, and, above all, flavors, that you will find all here


Because we need a space for sharing with you our meetings and gastronomic and cultural events, a place for speaking to you about our friends, for showing you how to get the most out of our products with the best recipes and original ideas. Because Ya en tu casa is much more than a deli. It is a feeling, a passion and so much happiness.

The virtual magazine is not so much different from a physical one. It keeps alive most parts of its fundamental qualities: it is a periodical publication in which experience is reported. Now new technologies allow us to enjoy and preserve these digital letters, with tranquility.

In addition it supplies the lack of the paper magazine magical texture with a great advantage: the ease of the feedback. The opportunity to interact and comment on what you are reading, to easily contact the authors in order to contribute and generate new content. It is the magic of the new forms of communication.

This virtual magazine will enable you to follow us from anywhere in the world and at any time, helping us being Ya en tu casa, by adding in our intention of becoming one member of your family.

And because of that we will provide numerous useful information such as recipes, news, features and all kinds of content related to the palate, to the cuisine, to Andalusia, to our environment, to our store, to our friends…

Our page is in Spanish because it is the mother tongue of our products and of our suppliers and the language used in our physical store. It is our natural way of communication with our direct environment.

And It is also in English because it is a virtually universal language, one of the most commonly spoken in the world and the language of business par excellence. It is the bond of union with millions of people that, from now on, will be part of Ya en tu casa, thanks to our new web page.


In the Ya en tu casa magazine we have two exceptional partners to nurture our beloved cookbook. An Italian chef will prepare delicious dishes with our products and will share with all of us with detail, thanks to her pictures and her blog (GustoMiki). On the other hand, the owner of the famous Bar44, Restaurant of Reference in Wales, will bring Andalucía to us with his best culinary proposals.

In addition we will include the recipes submitted by our friends, clients and followers. Yours may also be here. Do not hesitate and send them to us!

Each week we will present to you in more detail one of our products. Wines or liquors, oils, almadraba products, sauces, desserts… All the details of some of the jewels of the Andalusian products that we selected.

Because we love meeting new people, furthering our friends’ work, spread the projects and ideas of Andalusian entrepreneurs and artisans.

Discover how they share the “Ya en tu casa” philosophy and listen to all the interesting things they will tell us.

We will share with you all the events that we celebrate with events related to the field of gastronomy or with the activities that take place in our environment and in our shop.

Our friends have a lot to tell. And it is incredible how many really interesting people we have the opportunity to know thanks to Ya en tu casa and to all the Andalusian products. And as what we like the most is sharing, we will also spread the personal and professional experience of these so special friends through our magazine.

Because we are in a unique environment, with a natural rich and incomparable heritage. Because we live in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and we have some of the best beaches in Europe. Because of that we will tell you why we are Andalusia lovers.

Our health is the most important thing. Because of that we want to devote a section to our care both internal and external. You will discover the beneficial health properties of our products, how to use them to extract the maximum performance from them and some tricks that will make you feel much better.