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This Strawberry Gin is really well-balanced and able to send us the best Andalusian fragrances and flavors.

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WINT & LILA is a brand of gin that Casalbor manufactures in Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz, Spain) in an over 200 year old distillery. Its name comes from the Compañía de Indias established in Cádiz in 1646 by Juan de Wint and Margarita de Lila, which was one of the first companies dedicated to maritime trade with America and the East.

The London Dry Gin style of distilling is performed by people who have been using the same alembics for several generations.

The distillery has 7 different small alembics, each of which has its own personality that gives the gin special tints, allowing the processing of limited and custom distillations.

In its making, a complex five distillation process, 10 botanicals are used and combined: juniper berries, cilantro, angelica, angelica root, cinnamon, orange, lemon and lime peel, mint and orange blossom.

The distillation is performed without direct fire on the alembic, using instead a water bath system (Bain Marie) in order to obtain a slower and more delicate processing that can extract the essence of the different botanicals without altering them. Afterwards, the different essences are left to rest for several weeks before combining them and adding purified water.

WINT & LILA is then bottled with a personalized stopper, reminding of old pharmacy bottles of that time.


In its tasting we can observe that it is clear, clean and sparkly with light and complex fragrances, but the combination of juniper with the freshness of mint and orange blossom stands out; soft and smooth to the palate; refreshing with a hint of herbal and citric aftertaste.

Alcohol: 40%. 70cl

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