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Impressive. A meat full of sea. Captured in the almadraba, frigate mackerel is, sometimes, treated as a product of discard. But here is the magic and it claims its space equal to tuna with some truly spectacular results.

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Frigate mackerel (Auxis rochei and Auxis thazard) is a blue fish belonging to the family of Atlantic bonito and tuna.

The frigate is a fish with a robust body, elongated, and rounded, with short snout. Its skin is very tough and strong, with very few scales. Its back is bluish in color, with silvery flanks and belly. It can reach 50 cm and a weight of 1.5 kg. When does not reach the 600 g it is called canutera.

Frigate mackerel fillet color is pink, except in the canuteras, which present a grayish white color. They have a compact texture, with a very characteristic flavor and aroma, completely different the other types of tuna.
As all blue fishes, the frigate mackerel is a very healthy food and with a high nutritional value, ideal for keeping a healthy and balanced diet, typically Mediterranean. It is also highly recommended for pregnant women and infant feeding.
Its meat has a high protein intake and vitamin supplements, with low fats and carbohydrates. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, such as the Omega-3, to prevent cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.

Sure that you know the frigate for the rich canned that there are in the supermarket, but if you are in the fishmonger, fresh, do not hesitate and buy them because the stewed ones are also very rich and tasty.

frigate mackerel Canutera (Auxis rochei), olive oil and salt.

Melva Canutera (Auxis rochei), olive oil and salt.
Fishing Andalusia Prize 2008, Category: Sustainability, conferred by the Andalucia council.

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