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The most healty and also tasty salt. Let it dissolve in your mouth with its unique marine touch. The taste and the brightness of Cádiz spring for your most special dishes.

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Fleur de Sel is collected in spring in the Atlantic coast of the province of Cádiz, just in the limits of the Coto de Doñana. It is composed of the first crystals that form on the surface of the water.
The crystals of Fleur de Sel are smaller and lighter than the ones of the common sea salt, precisely due to the different time and form of the collection. They have a lower level of sodium chloride and a higher content of minerals such as magnesium and are dissolved more quickly. But the most important thing is that their taste is much better and more healthy than the one of common sea salt.
We recommend that you use Fleur de Sel in salads or as a final touch of any dish, once already prepared.

Without smell, with a slight pink color, the Fleur de Sel has a delicate flavor.
It melts in the mouth immediately and it melts perfectly when in contact with the hot food.
Its low level of sodium, its high level of magnesium and other minerals that are essentials, which are not found in any other table salt, makes it healthier and tastier.
The Fleur de Sel exalts the flavor of all meals and other spices.

Net Weight 60 gr.

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220 gr.

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