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This so extraordinary product from the seashore of Cádiz is a very dry and tough salting. It is tasted in thin slices, like it was a salami, to taste an intense sea flavour. A deliciousness that you must try.

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Mojama is an Arabic word meaning "dry" and it is a typical product of the Andalusian coast. The Arabs used to preserve bluefin tuna with dry edible salt and the process of salting was called "musama". Tuna mojama is made of the noblest part of tuna: two inner parts which stands under tuna loins and are attached to the central spine, from them the famous tuna mojama is extracted. It is usually prepared with bluefin tuna and it is a conserve with dry edible salt of the fish part.

How to prepare mojama: even though this procedure was invented to preserve bluefin tuna, it is also used for other species such as bonito, mackerel or seerfishes. The parts used to prepare mojama are extracted and are covered with coarse salt for two days; then the salt is removed and mojamas are enveloped in damp cloth for other two days. After this time, the fish is cleaned and the air cured is done for 20 days taking advantage of the wind and the typical sunny and dry weather. Once they will be dried they will be dark red, with solid texture but also refulgent, both typical features of mojama.
Considered "the Pata Negra of the Sea" for its delicious taste, this product is perfect as an aperitif in every celebration. It is classified depending the part of the tuna loin used. In this case it is extracted from a loin part called solomillo, which contains more fat than the one contained in the extra quality type.

Cut about 250-275 gr.

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