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A food with one of the most intense fish taste that you can put in your mouth, with an almost smoky final touch . If you prefer, you can soften it with a little bit of seaweed mayonnaise.

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The common ling or simply the ling is a fish similar to the coadfish that lives in marine, rocky bottom, deep water. Belonging to the order of Gadiformers, its flesh is appreciated for its mildness and its spawns for their deliciousness and their intense flavour. In Spain it is catched in different spots of the coast, but it is Andalusia and Levante where the spawns of the ling are salted.

The elaboration process of the ling spawns is as ancestral as simple. Firstly, the spawns are dipped into the salt until they resullt completely filled with it. However, the skin avoit the the resulting taste is excessively salty.

After that it follows the press phase, to make them lose al the water from the pickle. Finally, they are sun-dried until they get their flat, pale pink aspect.
Some salters add preservatives to the spawns in order to make their aspect more attractive.It is possible to notice that looking at their label or also observing colours closer to orangey red tones than pale pink. There is no need to specify that ling spawns have to be bought neither with colourings, nor other preservatives than sun and salt.
Ling spawns are famous for their mellow taste. With a really fine texture, it is preferable to eat them with some dry fruit such as almonds, to avoid some loss in taste. The reason is that, due to their mellow taste and smoothness they have, they can attach to the palate and the dry fruit prevent that.Another important aspect is to cut the spawns in really thin slices. se pueden pegar al paladar y los frutos secos ayudan a que esto no suceda. Otro aspecto importante es cortar las huevas en lascas finísimas.

Cut about 160-180 gr.

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